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Welcome to, owned and operated by Frank Domina in Atlanta, GA.  This site serves little purpose anymore.  At one time it existed...

I guess I'm keeping this web site up for nostalgic reasons, and since I use the domains for my family's email, but the content on this web site is ANCIENT.  Every year or so I'll look at it and remove or fix anything I notice that is no longer true, but for the most part, this is just a location for some of my memories.

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The Personal / Family Side

My personal web site, hosted elsewhere since 1997, has moved here now that I have my own domain.  Additionally, long ago, I developed some software that I wanted to share -- primarily EzPacket, software for ham radio operators, though now more than 20 years after I created it, it's fairly outdated...but still handy for new and "do-it-yourself" hams that like to build their equipment.

Sharing my life with out-of-town family and friends was by far the driving factor behind the evolution of my personal pages, which now include 100's of photos, personal videos, humorous / strange videos.

For my relatives who are reading this, if you want some personal space and/or email address on, just call or email me and let me know what you would like.

Please feel free to browse my personal pages though most of these are
all VERY old and outdated:

About me, Frank. (AboutFrank.shtml) About me, Frank. Learn a little bit more about who I am, and if you're curious, see my resume.  (It's all at least 500 years out of date, but who has time to update things?!)
  Rememberance for my sister, Adrienne. From the radio station she worked for,
a remembrance for my sister, Adrienne,
who passed away on September 13, 2011.
Go to my photos My WWW photo album, which is a photo chronology of my life since about 1997.  This has apparently become the most popular thing about my web page for both my local and out-of-town friends.
Go to my videos My Videos from various events and funny/strange videos from cyberspace.
Frank & Cheryl's Wedding Pages Frank & Cheryl's wedding pages.
What are these? What are these bugs?.
Seriously!  What are these things?
If you're an entomologist, please take a look.

Looking for my family members?

You can contact my immediate family members (wife, mother & siblings) using the form located here:

Their email addresses are NOT listed, in order to prevent spam, but if you use the form, your email will get through to them.

Randy & Natasha's Wedding Pictures  Also, my niece Natasha's wedding pictures are at the link below.

Randy & Natasha's wedding page,

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Want more stuff?
Links to Other People's Things Links to Other People's Things Links to Other People's Things

If you have comments or questions about me or EzPacket, e-mail me at . (Or you can try out your telepathy skills, but I think e-mail will probably be much more reliable).

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