EzPacket is a DOS-based program that is intended to control a Poor Man's Packet modem, though it also configurable to control BAYCOM modems.

Download EzPacket v2.3.0 now (73,698 bytes, created March 2, 1997).

Yea, so it only runs at 300/1200bps and works with Baycom & PMP modems, but it works great, it's intuitive, and it's free, so quit your #$@&*% complaining! (-: kidding :-)

Download EzPacket's User's Manual in PDF format now (593,679 bytes).

I used to charge $5.00 for this, but it's just not worth my effort anymore to print and mail copies, so here it is for you to print.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to view and/or print the manual.

If you have comments or questions about EzPacket, e-mail me at

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