Frank T. Domina

NOTICE:  This resume is ANCIENT.  It was last updated in around 2003 and therefore is very out-of-date.  I haven't updated it because I've been quite busy, and I'm not currently in the job market anyway.  I've left it here mainly for those who are curious, so if you're curious, read-on...


A leadership position (technical, not managerial) in which I can use and expand my software engineering and systems design experience in a highly technical, "bleeding edge" environment with a team of self-motivated individuals.



Operating Systems: Miscellaneous software / tools:


Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.
(February 1995 - Present)

Senior Staff Software Engineer (April, 1997 - Present)

Designed and developed applications for S-A's Explorer 2000, 2010, and 3000 digital interactive cable set-tops.  The client side (set-top) utilizes a SparcLite processor running the PowerTV operating system.  The server side runs on a Sun UltraSparc running Solaris:
Product Manager (February, 1995 - April, 1997) Network Management System (February, 1996 - April, 1997): Performed the same product manager tasks as for the DNCS (below) with additional responsibilities including... Digital Network Control System (February, 1995 - February, 1996): Performed various marketing product manager roles for new software products that control Scientific-Atlanta's hybrid fiber-coax digital video and data distribution products, collectively known as the DNCS (Digital Network Control System). Zenith Electronics Corporation
(June, 1982 - January, 1995)

Software Engineer (August, 1984 - February, 1995):

Developed Cable TV Impulse Pay-Per-View system controller and "information gateway" software for new technology, two-way interactive HT-2000/2500, Z-View, Phonevision, and PM-Pulse turn-key systems.  Products operate on 80286, 80386, and 80486 based IBM PC-AT compatible microcomputers under VRTX (a real-time, multi-tasking operating system) and OS/2 v2.x.  (Older products were on Hewlett Packard 1000 series mini-computers under HP's RTE-A real-time operating system.) Miscellaneous duties performed: Installation, maintenance and management of the department's file server running Novell NetWare v3.12; system manager of the H.P. development system; initial setup of all programmers' OS/2 v2.x and MS-DOS workstations; telephone software and hardware support for customers; occasional in-house and trade show product demonstrations. Independently designed and wrote several DOS utilities to assist in programming that several departments and other companies use regularly. Associate Engineer (June, 1982 - August, 1984): Just prior to joining the Computer Systems Engineering software development team, duties included Q.A. of all software releases and troubleshooting software and proprietary hardware on the H.P. 1000 computer with use of various test equipment and personally written test software.  Other responsibilities included technical writing and on site installation of new customer systems and software updates.

Originally hired as an Associate Engineer in Research and Advanced Development.  Associate Engineer responsibilities included bread-boarding circuits, designing and laying out PC boards, troubleshooting circuits, interfacing hardware with the H.P. computer and documentation of circuit performance.  Worked with and designed PC boards for both digital and linear circuits, including R.F. to 100 MHz.


B. S. in Computing and Information Sciences from Roosevelt University (1/93).  Course work included Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Computer Networks, Local Area Networks, and Artificial Intelligence.  Projects included a feature-rich, yet small and fast, packet-radio Terminal Node Controller (TNC) program, EzPacket,  that has been made available to and is being used by HAMs (amateur radio operators) world-wide. GPA: 3.8 on a 4.0 scale.

A. A. S. in Electronics Technology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (5/82).  Course work included designing, constructing, and troubleshooting a marketable digital home alarm system, studying industrial processes, and programming in PL-I.  Dean's list. GPA: 3.4 on a 4.0 scale.


Swing dancing, outreach projects such as working on Habitat For Humanity homes, guitar, my personal web site (, developing and maintaining web pages for my condominium association and three friends' businesses (,, and, hiking, home theater, HAM radio, served 2 years on condo association board (one as Secretary/VP, one as President), and of course, family and friends.

Salary requirements, salary history, and references are available upon request.

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