Miscellaneous Photos from '08

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Since Natalie was born, 99.9% of the pictures I've taken have been of her and are on Natalie's web pages, including other pictures from the events below, but every once in a while I've managed to take some non-Natalie photos to share.  Of course it may take me months to find the time to put them on this web site, but here is what I have (so far).  Enjoy.


It snowed here in Atlanta and actually stuck around for an entire day!

Our back yard Our front yard A neighbor's bikini-clad snow-woman

March: Easter

Our friends Robert & Pavon hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at their house.
2008-03-0074-IMG_2033.JPG Friends eating candy after the hunt.
Sheila and Erin
2008-03-0089-IMG_2053.JPG Ansley's totally cool, huge backyard gym/swing thingy!
(Robert built it himself)
2008-03-0096-IMG_2064.JPG Erin and Brianna cruisin' around the back yard.
We had Cheryl's mom and Cheryl's sister's family over for Easter.
2008-03-0147-pIMG_0107a.JPG Laura and Madison
2008-03-0148-pIMG_0110a.JPG Ryan
2008-03-0149-pIMG_0111.JPG We went to the park after dinner.

April: Madison's 2nd Birthday
(Cheryl's niece)

2008-04-0017-IMG_2161a.JPG 2008-04-0018-IMG_2163a.JPG 2008-04-0019-IMG_2164a.JPG
Madison sporting a new FSU dress Okay...next present? This one has good potential!
  Cake time.  

June: Luanne's "Pregnancy" Party
(for lack of a better name - it wasn't a "shower")

2008-06-0076-IMG_2580.JPG 2008-06-0075-IMG_2579.JPG 2008-06-0077-IMG_2581.JPG
Mommy (Luanne) left, blue
Daddy (Brent) right, black
Luanne Luanne & Friends of hers & Brent's
New Jersey's Attorney General (center)

July: Ryan's 5th Birthday
(Cheryl's Nephew)

2008-07-0052-IMG_2705.JPG 2008-07-0054-IMG_2707.JPG 2008-07-0056-IMG_2710.JPG
2008-07-0057-IMG_2711.JPG 2008-07-0058-IMG_2712.JPG 2008-07-0063-IMG_2718.JPG
 2008-07-0069-IMG_2724a.JPG A few days later, Cheryl & Natalie,
and Cheryl's sister Laura and her
husband and kids went to the
Yellow River Game Ranch.

Here are Ryan and Laura & Madison



Not much going on, so here's a picture of our back yard and a pond in our neighbor's yard that they just had built:

2008-08-0019-IMG_2765.JPG 2008-08-0091-IMG_2856a.JPG


Cheryl's pregnancy is coming long fine, but not much is going on so
here is our new picture for our church's directory (nice one of us):



As usual, most of the pictures we take are related to Natalie, so there are a ton of pictures on her site (http://natalie.dominafamily.org), including a lot from Christmas.  Here are just a few others that I'm including here just because I didn't want you to think I forgot about Christmas!

2008-12-0013-IMG_3237a.JPG 2008-12-0014-IMG_3239.JPG
Our friend Sheila w/ her ~1 month old daughter, Kelly More people at Sheila's Christmas party
2008-12-0046-IMG_3277.JPG 2008-12-0031-IMG_3260.JPG
Natalie "exploring" the Christmas tree Our house at night.

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