Miscellaneous Photos from '05

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First, a little "abstract art"...
Abstract Art?
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Well, 2005 begins with a pretty slow start, especially compared to everything that's gone on in the past year....but maybe slow is a good thing.

For a couple of my friends, however, January was a very big month!

Melanie and Charles Remember Melanie?  Well, her and her husband had a baby boy on January 12th!
Deb and Aiden And remember Deb?  Well, here and her husband had a baby boy the very next day!

Owls! - My mom, niece and niece's husband went bird watching for owls in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Cheryl and I mostly stayed at home, watched the cardinals in the back yard, and did some minor remodeling & repainting of our house.
A cardinal in
the back yard.
Basement changes
De-Kidifying the basement
from the previous owners.

Our One Year Anniversary

Can you believe it's already been a year?  Wow, time sure flies!  We had a pretty simple, yet very nice celebration by going out to dinner, then spending a night at the Four Seasons Hotel with their "special occasion" package, where we got to enjoy their whirlpool, sauna, etc., for a wonderfully relaxing and "connecting" anniversary.

m2005-0301.JPG m2005-0303.JPG

It's Springtime!

Spring is finally here, and although the Bermuda grass in the front isn't green yet, bulbs Cheryl planted last fall are popping up all over.  Cheryl also planted some new flowers and shrubs in the front and back, which spruces things up nicely...and there are still lot of things we want to do.

m2005-0312.JPG m2005-0313.JPG m2005-0314.JPG

Sweetwater Creek State Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park - A nearby favorite.  We finally got to go hiking in March..

Atlanta's "yellow" season

Atlanta's Yellow Season - Friends and family from Chicago never seem to grasp what I mean by Atlanta's "yellow" time of the year, so here's a short explanation and a half-dozen pictures to make it clear.

Mom's Visit

My mom came to visit - Shortly after yellow season, my mom came down to vist us and see our house.  We took her to several parks, and along the way Cheryl spotted some bears!

More Changes!

Cheryl has been busy with the landscaping.  Here's how it looked in May.  She seems to change plants and flowers around every month or two!  Always an excellent job.


Trip to the Atlanta Zoo

My company's summer family outing was a trip to the Atlanta Zoo

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy w/ ASO

On the 4th of July weekend (7/1) we went and saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy w/ ASO

I went to England on business the last two weeks of July.


The Transformation of the World's Ugliest Bathroom.


I got the bathroom finished just in
time for my July Party...in August.


Labor Day weekend, we spent a day and a night up at Amicalola Falls State Park

Web page coming soon.


In October, Cheryl and I went to see an FSU football game...

...which was followed-up by her Birthday, the next weekend.

October was also a strange month...

in that it brought our yard a lot of bizarre mushrooms that up heaved the dirt and grass where they grew, leaving empty patches of mud when they were gone...

m2005-1050.JPG m2005-1051.JPG m2005-1052.JPG m2005-1053.JPG

...and because I found out I was a human oyster.
Translation: I got my first (and hopefully last) KIDNEY STONE!


Frank's Kidney Stone Story


Click Picture Above For Full Story
(and always drink plenty of water)

New windows and shutters.

We had all new windows & shutters installed in November, hoping for energy savings.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture until December, which explains the wreath on the door.


This year, we spent Thanksgiving on a farm

The following week, Cheryl and I went with my friend Beth and her boyfriend Martin to see the band "Jump, Little Children" at their very last performance, which was at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, GA (maybe 9 miles from home).  I didn't think to bring my "real" camera, even though they were allowed.  All I had was my phone, which takes pretty bad pictures, especially in the dark, but what the heck...here are those I took:

Martin and Beth
Martin & Beth staring at his Blackberry at a restaurant before the show.

Jump, Little Children (2005-1203.JPG)
Jump, Little Children
Jump, Little Children (2005-1204.JPG)
An attempt at zooming in with my crappy phone camera.

The first holiday party of the Christmas season was my employer's party, which had a Mardi Gras theme...

Cheryl Cheryl and me An attempt at capturing the band

The following week, was Michael & Sheila's annual Christmas party...

Glen Bill and me
Glen, Bill & me
Marsha and some of the kids.
Marsha with a handful of the kids.

Me, Debbie, Sam & Marsha

Wrapping up the year was opening Christmas presents and family get-togethers in Atlanta and Chicago...

...and while we were in Chicago, we capped off the trip by seeing Blue Man Group.

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