Frank & Cheryl's
Hawaiian Honeymoon Pictures

We took over 400 pictures, so narrowing them down to a "reasonable" number for the web was not easy...and I still ended up with quite a few.  Therefore, I've broken the honeymoon up into two pages, one for each of the islands we visited.

Kauai Photographs
Maui Photographs

Hawaiian Honeymoon Videos:


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Humpback whales.  Some are from a distance,
but one baby was literally no more than 25
feet away from our boat!

Whales256.ram Whales256.rm 9.6 MB 6:00
Whales768.ram Whales768.rm 30.3 MB

Green Sea Turtles.  They're kind of shy, and
didn't pop their heads up too much, but here
is some video anyway.

GreenSeaTurtles256.ram GreenSeaTurtles256.rm 2.4 MB 1:28
GreenSeaTurtles768.ram GreenSeaTurtles768.rm 7.4 MB

Spinner Dolphins.  There were several pods of
these swimming along side the boat, occasionally
jumping out of the water and doing a spinning flip,
thus their "spinner" name.

SpinnerDolphins256.ram SpinnerDolphins256.rm 1.6 MB 0:58
SpinnerDolphins768.ram SpinnerDolphins768.rm 4.9 MB

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