Miscellaneous Photos from '02

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A Little Remodeling 2002 started out with a little remodeling...Finally!

After many months of searching and indecision, Kathy finally decided on an entertainment center that could hold all of her zillions of cassettes, CDs and videotapes...and I got to put it together:

Step 1
Step 1: Pull all the pieces out of the boxes, then get on your knees and pray for the patience to put it all together.
Step 2
Step 2: As quickly as possible, box-in your girlfriend and the dog so they don't get in the way as you finish building it.
Step 3
Step 3:  Roughly SIX HOURS of work later, stand it up and immediately put some stuff in it so it doesn't feel like all the work was in vain.

A Walk In The Woods Some days are are stressful, others are A Walk In The Woods

Shoulder Surgery Shoulder surgery makes a good excuse to grow a beard.

Kathy's & Jennifer's birthdays (always celebrated together) were a bit uneventful this year, only two pictures:

Before dinner.
(Note the entertainment center.)

After dinner at Benihana's.
(They saw the statues as we were leaving.)

I suppose this is as good a place as any to put a couple cute, random pictures of Kathy's dog, Tiano.

A Strange Dog Isn't it funny how he's resting
by half laying / half standing?
A Happy Dog You're not thinking of taking
my bone, are you?

Do you remember my old "Apostles" singles Sunday School class?  Go back to 1997 or so and there's lots of pictures of them.  Well, I'd say the dynamics of the classmates has changed since then!  We all still occasionally go out to dinner together.

A few of us eating  The entire group

Most are now married...and look at all the kids!

Kathy & I went to a wedding, but most of the pictures came out bad because my camera failed to focus on anything more than a few feet away!  So anyhow, here are two pictures:

Jeff & Teresa
Their first dance

  Me and Kathy
Kathy and me.

Do you recognize Jeff and Teresa from the 1999 Church Ski Trip?

The first weekend of summer, Kathy and I took a drive up to Cloudland Canyon State Park (GA) and got a little exercise.  There were to waterfalls that we went to see.  The hike was less than a mile, yet took about 2 hours round-trip!  It was very hilly.  When we got there we found that there was very little water falling.  :-(  By the time we got back to the top, we were too tired to do the 4.7 mile hike around the top of the canyon.  (Yes, we're out of shape!)  But it was still very pleasant, good exercise, and great weather...

CloudlandCanyon1.jpg CloudlandCanyon2.jpg CloudlandCanyon3.jpg Sunset3.jpg
W view from the top of the canyon near the parking lot The first waterfall.  Some people were standing under it. A close-up of the the first waterfall.  Sorry, no pic of the second waterfall (not photo-worthy -- no water!) This was taken during the drive back home to Atlanta.  What gorgeous colors!

We celebrated the
4th of July Weekend at a Wedding
in Indianapolis.

In August, Kathy and I went back up north once again.
This time to Chicago.

Beth's & Todd's Wedding  Yes, yet another wedding,
 my niece Beth's wedding.

Here are a couple more pictures taken while in Chicago...
Chicago Friends I-294 Oasis
A group shot of Kathy's friends
(John & Jenny), Kathy,
me, and my friends
(Steve, Peri and Winston).
Kathy was amused by these.
On I-294, the "oasis's" are
above the road so it is shared
by traffic in both directions.

!!! October News !!!

You might notice a change in the content of this page from this time forward.

One might think after attending three weddings in two months that Kathy and I may have gotten even closer, but nope.  We broke up in October Given how we started out as friends for years before dating, I doubt we'll drift completely apart.  Some of you may have seen this coming, others may be shocked, but however things progress, I truly want both of us to be happy in whatever each of our lives has in store in the future..

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 The remodeling didn't end until November!

(click to enlarge)

I spent Thanksgiving at Michael and Sheila's (both standing), along with Lori Anne (left) and Gwin (right), all who I know from my old Sunday school class.  Dinner was fantastic (except what I brought!) and it was a lot of fun.  :-)

The Holiday Season / Christmas in Chicago

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