Terrie's Camera (includes rehearsal)

Frank's Camera (rehearsal dinner)

Gwen's Camera (roll 1)

Gwen's Camera (roll 2)

Sheila's Camera

Table 1's Camera

Table 2's Camera

Table 3's Camera

Table 4's Camera

Table 5's Camera

Table 6's Camera

Table 7's Camera

Table 8's Camera

Floating Camera 1

Floating Camera 2

Floating Camera 3

Floating Camera 4

Frank & Cheryl's
Non-profesional Wedding Pictures

Use the menu at the left to choose web pages of pictures taken with guest's cameras and the cameras that were on the tables.

IF YOU WANT PRINTS of any of the pictures from the table cameras, let Frank know the file name(s) (listed below each picture) and he can either make the full-resolution image(s) available for you to download and take to your favorite photo printing store, or I can get prints made from the negatives and snail-mail them to you.