Kathy's and Jennifer's Birthdays

Kathy's & Jennifer's birthdays are just two days apart so we had sort of a combined birthday outing. It started out separate with Jennifer and some of her swing-dancing friends going to dinner while Kathy, me and her other friends went to Whole World Theater (a great improv place), and then we all met up later at Swingers for some dancing...

You can't really see what this gift was. No, it wasn't Maxell CDs. It was sort of a gag gift that only Kathy, her family, and her childhood friends would "get" -- small plastic animals and toothpicks. (Don't even try to figure it out ;-) Kathy has some super ESP (or she knows me too well) because she always can guess what I'm giving her and ruins the surprise. Not this time! I told her if she could guess what it was before opening it that she should get a 900 number an open up her own psychic hotline. (Don't look for her ads on late-night TV anytime soon.)


Can you count the candles to figure out how old she is? Don't expect me to tell you!


This is some of the group that went to Whole World Theater.
That's Kathy's friend Melinda smiling for the camera, and
Kathy's friend Phyllis and Phyllis' cousin Joe in front.
Oh, yeah...and Kathy, of course.


In the mean time, Jennifer was given a surprise aprty by her friend Robin and a bunch of other swing-dance friends.


We all met up with Jennifer at Swingers after the show and Jennifer's surprise party...

This is Jennifer opening my card with Deb and Kathy there.
Jennifer didn't like this picture of her and didn't want it on the web because
she says she looks dorky. Well, she always looks dorky anyway, so here's the picture.
(Im just kidding Jen. You always look great.)


They did a "birthday circle" for Jennifer. (Kathy didn't want one...too shy, I guess.)
Anyhow, that's when everyone gets in a circle around the person who's birthday it is and
people of the opposite sex (usually) keep going out and stealing the birthday person away from
each other to dance. It was a lot of fun. Too bad I didn't have a video camera...

Tom & Jennifer:

Taft & Jennifer:

Your's truely (me) & Jennifer:


Later, Kathy and I were practicing oral sex. No, no, no. That's the name of
a pretty cool dance move where hold her, flip her up and around my head, and then back down.
This is about 1/2 way through the move, paused for the picture.
Come on, Marilyn, take the picture already!


This is Kathy and her childhood friend Marilyn who flew in from Pittsburgh for Kathy's birthday:


That's all for this year.

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